Friday, 6 June 2008

Bad Hair Day (originally written Nov 4, 2007)

So the Speaker of the House of Reps has finally been prised off her seat. Well done Nigeria. But I'll say it now, I saw it all coming.

It wasn't that the Honourable ex-Speaker was un-qualified because she was a hair-dresser; after all our Honourable ex-President was an ex-jailbird / subsistence farmer. And Thatcher showed the world that women could be formidable politicians and leaders.

It wasn't any of those things. Do you know when I knew the House had a numptie at it's helm? It was when the No. 4 citizen in an infant democracy, in an interview given soon after she was elected Speaker, said that her ideological hero was Fidel Castro, and that she was a better politician than Hilary Clinton because Hilary was younger than she was!

Goodbye Mrs. Patricia Olubunmi Etteh, and I wish you luck as you embark on anything but a position of responsibility. You just were not ready, and at this stage of your life I doubt you ever will be.

On a more positive note for us Nigerians, the new Speaker, Mr Dimeji Bankole, is educated (Oxford educated, I hear, and an ex-US Army soldier to boot!). Yes I know that doesn't mean that he'll be a better leader, but at least he won't be able to say that as a humble hair-dresser how could he be expected to know any better.

Finally, well played Mr. President! You ignored the screeching cries from psychopants asking you to intervene in the Ettehgate scandal. I am glad you didn't, because you know exactly what you are: A Democratic President.

Watch out world, the future looks bright!


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