Friday, 18 September 2009

The Treachery of the Intellectuals

Dr. Sam Egwu is currently Nigeria's Minister of Education.

Federal universities are currently closed because the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has gone on strike over low salaries, among other issues.

As a result, the universities have been shut for 3 months, since the strike began in June.

Against this backdrop, Dr. Egwu decided to throw a 'lavish' party to celebrate that oh-so-special marital milestone, the silver jubilee.

Allegedly, he spent N120 million (about $800, 000 USD) on this party.

Before I pass judgment, let me introduce you, dear reader to Mr. Alan Duncan:

Alan Duncan was until the 7th of September David Cameron's shadow leader of the Commons. Mr. Duncan made his fortune working in the oil industry as an oil trader, before he decided to offer his services to the British public. Worth an estimated N540million, his basic take home salary as a member of parliament (MP) is N1.4 million a month, before his claims for expenses are even conjured up.

Recently, Mr. Duncan, MP, was caught on camera whining, at the height of the recession, that MPs "...have to live on rations and are treated like sh*t."

A few days later, he jetted off to enjoy a $16,000 USD luxury holiday with his partner on a secluded paradise island.

David Cameron promptly sacked him, relegating him to a lesser role as shadow junior justice minister with responsibility for prisons.

The End.

For the Minister of Education to have thrown a huge soiree while students languished at home, and lectures begged for their daily bread, was ill-advised, to put it mildly. It doesn't matter how much was spent, or where the money came from; it was not the smartest thing Dr. Egwu has ever done. In fact, it was almost callous in its insensitivity.

You sacrifice your privacy once you take that oath of public office; Dr. Egwu knows this! He served as Governor of Ebonyi State for eight years, so more than most he knows that public perception is public reality.

In fact, no explanation is required, as none would suffice. Apologise and be done with this infernal public relations disaster!

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