Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Truth According to Ose

I have found that the most difficult thing to say is the truth. It has a way of erecting seemingly insurmountable walls between where one is, and where one wants to be.

As humans, and especially as politicians, we fudge, fib, we lie, we colour, we embellish to get from point A to point B; to get money, sex, a job, food, admission into elite schools, tax benefits, to avoid hurting or disappointing someone, etc.

But the chain can be broken; the monkey on my back can be dislodged. I'm going to start telling painful truths, as I see, them, because I want to be different, because I want to make a difference. I just hope I don't torpedo my young political career.

So I'll start posting Truths According to Ose (Taos), and we’ll see where the rollercoaster takes us.

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